Covey Rise Farms is owned and operated by Charlie and Kerissa, at their home in Radnor, Ohio. The farm was founded on the idea of producing a local, environmentally sustainable and humane option for individuals seeking a nutrient dense protein. Our goal as a producer is to help you live a healthy and productive life, that focuses on providing quality over quantity. 

We raise pastured lamb, chicken, pork, eggs, and Thanksgiving Turkey's. We also have bee colonies throughout the county, raise our own produce and flowers, and make our own soap from our lard. We believe in the improving our ground, and living off of the land. 

Our products can be purchased through our online farm store or our buyers clubs scattered throughout the city. You can also find our products featured at various restaurants across Columbus or visit us at either the Westerville or New Albany farmers markets. Stop by to pick up your delicious proteins or have them shipped to your door this week.

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