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TOP-Shelf Lamb Sampler
TOP-Shelf Lamb Sampler

TOP-Shelf Lamb Sampler

$279.00 USD

1 Leg of Lamb

5 packs of Ground Lamb

2pks of Kabob Meat

2pks Rib Chops

2pks Loin Chops


Sample our premium grassfed and finished lamb, and you won't regret it! Enjoy a nice leg of lamb for family dinner, lamb burgers tacos, meatballs, or even meatloaf for an easy dinner. You can grill the Rib & Loin Chops, and spice up the tailgate with Kabob's! We have you covered! Our lamb is not gamey, there are different breeds of sheep, and ours is very mild. Lamb is also leaner than beef, so the fat will be minimal!