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The All American Box
The All American Box

The All American Box

$159.00 USD

The All American Box

  • 4pks of Ground Beef
  • 2pks of Pork Brats
  • 2pks of Sirloin Steaks
  • 1pk of Brat Burgers
  • 1pk of Breakfast Sausage
  • 1 Chuck Roast
  • Shipped Free to the Ground States

The box includes all of your favorite cuts, from a relaxed weekend breakfast with the kids, to a comfort dinner in the oven, we thought of you.


-Pork Brats are perfect quick and easy dinner ideas, from the stovetop to the grill or the oven make diner easy!

- Sirloin Steaks cook soo quick and are one of my fav cuts! Sliced thin and perfect for tacos or a salad!

-Brat burgers are that quick and easy dinner you love on the go!

-Breakfast on Sunday or Breakfast for dinner (my favorite!) this will be a quick and easy meal you are bound to love

-Chuck roasts are great on the grill or even better cooking all day in your instant pot or Dutch oven! 

-Ground Beef is great from pasta, to meat loaf, from casserole to stuffed peppers! It’s soo good!