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Covey Club Subscription Box

What is a Covey Club Box?

The "Covey Club" is a monthly subscription that takes the worry out of shopping and guarantees your family will have our nutritious and sustainable meats on the table every month. Think of a Butcher Box type business but you actually know the farmers who raised the product, packed your meat and shipped it to your door, that is us!


The Covey Club is a month to month meat subscription that you can cancel, pause or skip at any time… easy peasy!

How it works:

Step 1 - Pick your Box size

8, 15, 20 pound mix of chicken, beef, pork OR choose a 10 or 20 pound premium beef only box subscription.

Step 2 - Respond back to community text to choose your meat

On the 1st of each month, you will receive a text asking what your preferences are. Need more chicken this month or you too have fallen madly in love with our beef and want to do more this time around? No, problem! Respond back and we will take care of it.

Step 3 - Enjoy your box!

Seriously, just enjoy it! Need some inspiration on meals? check out our favorite family recipes here.

Farm Club Box Options

The farm club box allows you to have a mix of Chicken, Pork and Beef cuts. We can usually do a combination of them depending on your families preferences, but each month availability will change. We text you a list of what's available that month, and you text us back with anything that sounds good. If we don't hear back from you we will pick for you. Some customers like the same cuts every month and others like the variety of each months mix. You can get a mix of Ground Meat, Roasts, bone-in cuts like thighs, wings, legs, wholes, and spatchcock chickens, to bone broth, porkchops, chicken sausage, and some customers will also have the option of premium cuts like steaks, briskets, fajita strips, exc. depending on their box size and preferences.

  • 8 lb (limited beef), Chicken & Pork
  • 15 lb (Some Beef), Chicken & Pork
  • 20 lb (Several Beef cuts), Chicken & Pork

Premium Beef Club Options:

The Premium Beef club option guarantees that you get a MIX of higher-end premium cuts like steaks, ground beef, mid-range cuts, various beef roasts, briskets, and bone broth.

This box is hand picked by us, and is a ranchers preference, but will usually be packed to a standard of 30% ground meats, 30-40% mid-range cuts, 20-30% premium cuts and 10% unusual or "surprise" cuts like bone broth kits, odd size family pile cuts or new cuts! Odd cuts will not include OFFAL, unless requested by the customer.

  • 10 lb Premium Beef Box
  • 20 lb Premium Beef Box

Which Box should we start with?

We recommend starting with the 15lb farm box for a family of two or a 20lb farm box for a family of four. The 20lb box allows us flexibility to include higher end cuts like a steak, a beautiful roast or beef heavy portions like half ground beef.

Covey Club Members get first pick on hot ticket items like chicken sausage and more. Be the first to know when items are restocked and stock your families freezer each month.

Add-on's are Free to the Ground States

You can also add to your covey club and save on shipping cost! Any add on to a Covey Club box is free for our ground states! Each month we send out a list of items that you can choose from to add on! 

Use Code: AddClub to place an additional order to your club box, and remove the shipping fee on the order.

Ground States

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, West Virginia,  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

This package is the perfect box of 100% free range, humanely raised, and non-gmo chicken, pork and beef. It is hormone free, and antibiotic free.