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Small Business Consulting

One-on-One Call with

Charlie & Kerissa

- Have you ever wanted to know how to start your homestead? 

-Have you ever wanted to ask us how to grow your small business?


-Have you ever wanted to know how to make your farm or business more profitable?


We are offering one-on-one calls with us! This is a chance where you can ask us anything! We won’t hold back! We will have monthly check-ins and direct communication with you throughout the month to help you meet your goals and achieve your dream! 

We are opening this up to a small group of people to start with, to provide one-on-one care and assistance. We started our farm from scratch and have turned this hobby into our families career. Feeding families across the U.S. and helping other businesses & homesteaders do the same.

How does it work?

1.  Type up a quick summary of your story, we want to know a little bit about you        before our call. 

  • -add in a few bullet points of what you want to accomplish, struggles you want fix, ideas you have or questions you want to ask.

2. We will schedule a 45min long call to break down your questions and talk with you via Zoom. 

3. We will schedule a follow up 30min call with you to follow up on where you are at or questions you had. 

4. You will also have access to our weekly Payne Consulting Newsletter, with new tips and trends for all homesteaders and small businesses. 



Kerissa has worked for the government in program design and policy and understands the interworking's of government relations and application procedures. Kerissa will bring her government experience and significant marketing experience to the table. Under Kerissa our sales have grown 300 x and so has our business. 


Charlie brings grant writing and a biological conservation background. Charlie specializes in soil health and regenerative agriculture, bringing 10 + years of conservation experience to the table. 


Together through our partnership we have turned a hobby into a successful business, and our dream of fulltime farming. Allow us to help you navigate your journey and achieve your goals today!