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1/8 Beef Share
1/8 Beef Share
1/8 Beef Share
1/8 Beef Share
1/8 Beef Share 1/8 Beef Share 1/8 Beef Share 1/8 Beef Share

1/8 Beef Share

$549.00 USD

1/8 Beef Share is the perfect way to stock your freezer or the perfect gift for your loved one! All beef is dry-aged for 10-14 days minimum. The Dry Aging adds to the tenderness and quality of our Beef. What sets our beef apart though is our genetics, we only have the best of the best Angus genetics for our beef program. Genetics make a difference in your marbling, in your flavor and how your beef finishes above all. To us that matters the most when raising beef for our family.

All of our cattle are raised on our pastures & are supplemented with grass hay, along with a grain ration 120 days before harvest. We have learned this is the best mix for our cattle, creating the dense marbling that so many, including our family, look for in a finished product.

Although each share will vary slightly based on the frame of the cow, the cuts won't change. You will roughly receive 50-60lbs of beef, which will consist of the following:

  • 20 lbs. Ground Beef
  • 2pks Burger Patties (4 patties per package)
  • 2 Roasts (bottom round, or rump roast)
  • 1 Large Chuck Roast
  • 2pks of Stew Meat
  • 1 Ribeye Steak
  • 2 New York Strips
  • 2 Sirloin Steaks
  • 1 London Broil
  • 1 Mach Tender
  • 4lbs Short Ribs
  • 2pk  Crosscut Beef Shanks (Ossobuco)
  • 1 Bone Broth Kit


This Box is available for shipping to our ground region, it will arrive in 2 boxes straight to your door. We also offer an add on option for those purchasing this bundle. You can add on the following at a discount to save even more. Just message us to add any of these on to your order.

  • 10lbs of Ground Beef $70
  • 7lbs of Beef Roast $63
  • OFFAL- available upon request or in place of bone-broth kit.