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Grassfed Beef Oxtail Dry Aged Nose to Tail Meat
Grassfed Beef Oxtail Dry Aged Nose to Tail Meat Oxtail Oxtail


$15.00 USD

Oxtail was once an often discarded cut that has once again risen to prominence due to its excellent source of collagen, healthy fat, and meat. Our favorite way to utilize oxtail is in a hearty beef and barley soup where the collagen helps to thicken the broth! Our oxtails come one per package and sliced. Roughly 1 lb per package. 

~Covey Rise Beef~

  • Pasture Raised and Grain Finished!
  • Superior Black Angus Genetics!
  • Never any Antibiotics, Steroids, or Hormone Implants!
  • Dry Aged for 10 days minimum!

When we set out to raise beef, we knew we wanted to raise a premium product unlike anything your could find in the grocery store. Thankfully we were able to source premium Black Angus genetics that are renowned for their well marbled, tender, and mouthwatering beef. Our cattle are raised on pasture and finished with a locally sourced premium grain and hay and grass from our fields to create the best tasting beef around. All our cattle are processed at a small, family-owned USDA processing facility and are all Dry-Aged a minimum of 10 days before being hand cut and packed! We look forward to your family tasting the difference in our premium raised beef!

Charlie and Kerissa