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Summer Sampler
Summer Sampler

Summer Sampler

$169.00 USD

  • 1 Beer Can Chicken
  • 6pks Bone-less Breast
  • 2pks Bone-In Wings
  • 2pks Ground Pork
  • 2pks of Italian Sausage
  • 1pk of Bacon
  • 2 Free packs of Bone-Broth
  • EastCoast Ships Free 

Meal ideas for the week or weekend!

Beer can chickens on the grill, and smoked wings on Trager or get real creative and toss them in the Air Fryer. Then you can keep things light for the weekend or weekday meals by frying up some of our mouth watering bacon for a good cold broccoli salad. Another creative way to make your snacks and meals healthier is adding our plain ground pork, that lean and clean to your chip dip, or browning some of our pasture raised Italian Pork Sausage for your pasta and pesto dish this week. Then you can stay hydrated with our bone-broth, or use it in place of milk in your mashed potatoes! I like to use our broth when I can as I hate the summer time bloat, and its a great way to add flavor and juice to any recipe.