Spinach and Bacon Quiche

December 10, 2017 • 0 comments

Spinach and Bacon Quiche
A great quiche recipe utilizing Covey Rise Farms fresh pastured eggs. Great to use during the hectic holiday season and is just as good reheated.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 8


  • (6) Dozen Eggs
  • (1) Pre-made pie crust
  • (3/4 lb) Bacon (cooked and crumbled)
  • (1 1/2 Cups) Heavy Cream
  • (3/4 Cup) Mozzarella Cheese
  • (3/4 Cup) Shredded Swiss Cheese
  • (1/2 tablespoon) Chives
  • (1/2 tablespoon) Parsley
  • (To taste) Salt and Pepper
  • (10 oz.) Frozen Chopped Spinach (Thawed)



Preheat oven to 375 degree's. Unroll and fit pie crust into pie pan (I prefer using a cast iron skillet). Layer your bacon, spinach, and cheese into your pie crust. In a separate bowl mix your eggs, cream, herbs, salt, and pepper. Once beaten, pour the egg mixture over your layered items in the pie crust and evenly distribute. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until eggs have set and top has turned golden brown. Let rest for 15 minutes or chill to reheat and serve later. Enjoy!


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